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Myers-Briggs Type:  what’s it all about?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, is a model of psychological type based on personal preferences. Understanding your own type and the impact of your psychological preferences can help you play to your strengths at work, at home and in interacting with others.

Based on the work of Swiss psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung and decades of research by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers, the MBTI tool is an easily-understood and widely-applicable method to understand why people are naturally good at different things, why they tackle tasks in different ways, why they may misunderstand each other and how their naturally differing skills can be creatively exploited to achieve optimum results in work, life in general and in relationships with others. It is widely used in numerous commercial or education settings, in many countries and is generally well regarded as a helpful means of supporting personal and professional develpment.

Let’s Talk Type offers you access to the elegant but straightforward Myers-Briggs toolkit to help you think about your own preferences and how these insights can help you manage your professional or personal life and your interaction with others. We can work with individuals to help explore personal type, resulting natural strengths and development issues and the dynamics of working effectively with others. The Myers-Briggs tool can also form the basis of tailored group workshops in the workplace to work on management development, team-building, organisational change and effective communication.




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Psychological Preferences at Work

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